MacLeod, my latest short doc (about the king of Royalty Free Music Kevin MacLeod) has been getting into some film festivals lately. It will screen as part of the NorthwestFest International Film Festival in early May! Lift-Off Sessions, The Documentary Filmmaker Showcase and Impact DOCS. Next Month I should hear the results from The Webby Awards, World-Fest Houston and the Telly Awards. So April could be a big month potentially.

In regard to my newest feature length VHS Massacre Too (about film censorship and the American exploitation film), it is still technically competing in the film festival circuit. It’s not that I planned to tour the film for over a year, it’s just that because of COVID the festival dates keep getting delayed over and over, some film festivals have adapted, others have chosen to ride it out until things return to normal. The film could end up snagging a few more awards and selections, it has 20 wins so far. My film is one of two films that feature Blockbuster Video in Bend Oregon. The Last Blockbuster is the other film currently out on Netflix and although I haven’t seen it, I’ve been told it’s a cool flick! I do have to admit I’d love to have my film on Netflix but VHS Massacre Too actively calls out Netflix for turning it’s back in actual Independent film. Netflix in fact was built of the backs on low-budget filmmakers as Massacre Too discusses. That being said it’s nice to see that acquired LBB, I believe it was independently produced. We should celebrate when a film like that bucks the odds. So VHS Massacre Too should be out on Bluray in the summer so wish us luck! I’ll be sure to post updates on Twitter for any more virtual screenings that may arise!

We also recently completed our 400 podcast episode! VHS Massacre formerly New York Cine Radio was started in 2011/2012. Through various format changes and shows the podcast has continued to this day! The gang unites to discuss the 2009 vampire Steven Seagal flick Against the Dark! James Richardson, Ken Powell, Tom Seymour and David Leute.

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