My short documentary MacLeod is now an official selection of the Cannes World Film Festival. The film is about the king of royalty free music Kevin MacLeod. I wasn’t sure how the film would resonate but it seems to be performing well so far in the film festival circuit. It’s also scheduled to played at the oldest documentary film festival in Canada Northwest Fest in early May.

VHS Massacre Too will screen and have a Q&A with Joe Bob Briggs, Debbie Rochon and Lloyd Kaufman at the Shudder Network’s  Mid May Massacre  4pm Eastern on Saturday, May 15. Also VHS Massacre Too will screen at Saturday June 4th at 7pm at the Film Noir Cinema in Brooklyn! This is exciting news! To some degree it shows that VHS Massacre Too is resonating with the horror the convention communities. I’m happy about this. I still remember renting out my first booth at the Fangoria convention over twenty years ago to promote my film Thrill Kill Jack. A terrible film that we made on VHS. There I met Lloyd Kaufman, Clint Howard and John Russo. My parents bought me a book on filmmaking when I was younger, it was John Russo’s Making Movies, so I was exciting to meet him. I was barely out of my teens so I really didn’t know what to say and the meeting didn’t go as well as I had hoped but his book was thorough and I learned a great deal. Night of the Living Dead, Dawn and Day became very important to me as a filmmaker. Coincidentally I would go onto work with Lloyd and Clint literally over a decade later. Also I grew up watching Joe Bob Briggs as well so it was a treat to be able to interview him for my films so many years later.

I don’t know what this all means to me now. I’m happy that anyone is watching my films but I supposed all of my childhood dreams are for the most part gone. After directing eight narrative feature films that really didn’t go anywhere, I really can’t see making another one. VHS Massacre Too is my second feature length documentary and my 10th feature as director. It could be that I make another doc but I don’t really need to right now. I don’t really aspire to be famous either. I think the last few years have been sobering. Family and friends are really what’s important. I have a compulsion to make films and I’m sure that I’ll be working on something in no time but it’s really more of a hobby at this point, I’m just thankful to have Troma to distribute my films. I really like being a part of a company that has started the career so many famous directors! I did my time at the major networks and studios and it’s no fun so I think I’m going to stick with Troma.

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