Amazing news! VHS Massacre Too is now an Official Selection at the Chicago Horror Film Festival. Screenings begin September 17th! This official selection really means a lot to me personally. This is a top horror film festival and one of the longest running in the nation. For much of my career I just couldn’t seem to crack top horror film festivals. I’m proud to have made some progress here.

In addition my documentary “MacLeod” is now an official selection of New Haven Documentary Film Festival at Yale University! This year they will add some online screening that starts August 10th! A few years back Ken, Carmine and I got to speak at Yale University in the Whitney Humanities Center Auditorium. We were screening the first VHS Massacre Documentary. In hind site, it was a pretty big deal for all of us and although Carmine is no longer with us, I know that wherever he is now, that he is having a blast!

Yale University, Whitney Humanities Center, NH Docs. VHS Massacre Q &A with Carmine, Tom Ken and Gorman Bechard!

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