Some very cool news for folks who liked the VHS Massacre Documentaries. The Bastalavista Film festival in German is going to play both VHS Massacre and then VHS Massacre Too in November, dates to come! This put a smile on my face, VHS Massacre Too started it’s film festival tour early January of 2020 and the film is still in festival currently streaming now at Chicago Horror Film Festival (which is also an amazing honor). This is a subject I talk a lot about I think because it seems like something I did finally worked after literally decades that consisted of occasion victories.

It’s also a huge surprise to me when people know my work and it was wonderful to hear that BFF wanted to play the first film as well. Recently my wife took me to The Found Footage Film Festival which is a really wonderful night of comedy and random VHS viewings. I was delighted to hear that some people we were talking to actually had heard of my work. It only took 25 years to have a festival hit, better late than never right?


I began preproduction on my new documentary American Expendables but I’m starting to question whether it’s worth pursuing. I may release a larger podcast soon but if you want to hear why I’m questioning whether to make the film give a listen here!

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