Hey everyone! Our new horror thriller E-book Grand Falls Killings is out for just 4.99! Or get the Paperback! It’s in screenplay format with nearly 40 illustrations! An experimental book for sure but an entertaining read in our opinion! More info below!

The horror thriller Grand Falls Killings might be called a mix between The Station Agent and No Country for Old Men. After a series of tragedies, a man is forced to live in an old food truck. In traveling the countryside to explore the mystery of his birth, he is forced down a dark path that leaves him no way out. An experimental book with illustrations in screenplay format. The author attempts to create a movie “Bible”. Grand Falls killings should be of interest to anyone in the film industry or those eager to be. Winner of six awards for Best Feature Screenplay including Sea of Art, Cineplay, Independent Horror Movie Awards, Diamond Bell International Film Festival and others.