“The staff members at Black20 especially love “net_work,” their office comedy, and it’s easy to see why. It’s “The Office,” but for broadband types, offering melodrama instead of muffled understatement.”

– New York Times

G4 TV “Attack of the Show” Net_work Clips. Net_work was nominated for a 2007 Creative Arts and Entertainment Emmy for “Best Broadband Web-Series (Through Myspace of all places!). I was a camera operator and also acted in the show sometimes. Black20 Studios had it’s share of star power with Amy Schumer, Eric Andre, Audrey Plaza and many others starring in their shows.

This is a Mashup I did for College Humor. Go to collegehumor.com to see the HD version. Looks like someone posted this on YouTube.


There’s really is no way to summarize the amount of work I did at Black20 Studios Here’s a New York Times Article about my work at black20.com. Over a two year period I directed,edited,acted and released over 50 pieces of video for Black20 Studios appearing places like G4TV,IGN,Hulu and even the Tonight Show. The gang and I at Black20 gained two Emmy Nominations and were given the title of the first “King’s of Dot-comedy” on G4’s Attack of the Show. The shows that I directed included Black20 Trailer park which to date has gotten over 20 million views that I am responsible for and Marv’s Psychic Shop that was given  a “Best in Jest” award from YouTube.  The “Cake Town” video alone has over 9,000,000 views.


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